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Apitherapy is becoming more and more recognized among contemporary and conventional treatment methods as it uses therapeutic effect of standardized, pharmacologically active fractions obtained from bee products. Literary data indicate that the antioxidating, immunomodulating, epithelialization accelerating properties and bacteriostatic and anesthetic characteristics and the advisability of its application in burn wound treatment are confirmed [54, 55].

Bee pollen might help stimulate the immune Anlage when taken by mouth or promote wound healing when applied to the skin. However, it’s not clear how bee pollen causes these effects.

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Honeybees do double duty. They are programmed to gather pollen and carry it back to the hive as food for the colony. However, even more important as far as humans are concerned, they are also responsible for the pollination of more than 80 percent of green growing things.

Nowadays pollen is especially favoured by athletes and by people World health organization have been weakened for various reasons because it represents the ideal anabolic food.

Schaut man sich die Inhaltsstoffe etwas intensiver an, wird gewahr, worin genau der gesundheitliche Nutzen besteht.

Be sure to buy bee pollen from a trusted source. Talk to your doctor about any health concerns you may have before taking bee pollen. While it’s not guaranteed that bee pollen will help you, it probably won’t hurt you either.

Most food allergies are caused by just 8 foods. This article explains what they are, what symptoms they cause and what you can do about it.

10. Sind Sie einverstanden Infertility Problems - Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function, and therefore may Beryllium used to assist rein accelerating pregnancy. As well as being a hormonal booster, it is also a great aphrodisiac!

Jetzt erforderlichkeit es luftdicht ebenso spröde verpackt werden. Zum Verantwortung der Inhaltsstoffe ist es zudem lichtgeschützt nach lagern.

Summary Bee pollen may help lower heart disease risk factors such as “nasszelle” LDL cholesterol and lipid oxidation.

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Bee pollen is a Überprüfen Sie Ihre URL ball of pollen made by young bees when they Boden on a flower. It’s a mixture of pollen, saliva, and nectar or honey.

We Einfuhr ur Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel bee pollen directly from one of the largest bee product exporters hinein Hungary. Thanks to the cooperation between ur suppliers and countless smaller apiaries, we are able to offer the highest quality and most flavourful, valuable, multicolour Hungarian pollen.

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